Trump’s stock market performance is just average….

Posted by jsmolders - August 13th, 2019

S&P 500 in the first 644 trading days of each presidency

Ronald Reagan


George H.W. Bush


Bill Clinton


George W. Bush


Barack Obama


Donald Trump


USA spending ten times more for fossil fuel subsidies than for education. (Forbes)

Posted by jsmolders - August 11th, 2019

“Birds Sing before Sunrise”, a thriller in the Peruvian Andes, helps highlight the grip oil has on our lives. And how it can be loosened. Solar pioneers deal a major blow to greedy US companies who spoil the beautiful, pristine environment and use all the dirty tricks in their pocket to deal a setback to the solar industries. Just as Trump does by imposing gigantic tariffs on imported solar panels. Join our heroes, go to Amazon and read a chapter of “Birds Sing before Sunrise”. You might like it!

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75 jaar geleden was Ramsel (in de Kempen) bezet door de Duitsers. Met “Oogst van Oorlog” duik je recht Ramsel “van toen” binnen. Een spannende thriller.

Posted by jsmolders - August 10th, 2019

 Oogst van oorlog speelt zich af in de zomer van 1944 tijdens de Duitse bezetting in Ramsel. Bruno Van Dam is de enige huisarts in het dorp en behandelt iedereen, zowel verzetslui als collaborateurs. Allen weten dat ze terechtkunnen bij de gewetensvolle dokter, maar wat ze niet weten is dat hij een Joods weesjongetje en twee Engelse piloten helpt onderduiken.

De zaken worden gecompliceerd wanneer Eric, zoon van de dokter, wordt opgepakt door de bezetters en weggevoerd; naar een werkkamp veronderstelt zijn vader. Afgrijselijke behandeling en uithongering wachten de jongeman.

De dokter beslist de Gestapoleider in Ramsel om te kopen om zijn zoon vrij te krijgen. Maar dan komt plots de bevrijding door de Engelsen en wordt hij door de Ramselaars beschuldigd van verraad. Het Joodse jongetje en een Engelse piloot getuigen over de risico’s die dokter Van Dam gelopen heeft door hen maandenlang in zijn huis te verbergen; waarop het tumult luwt.

Maar hier begint pas het echte stormachtige verhaal.  De Engelse versie van dit boek, Harvest of War,” was selected als finalist in de Beverly Hills Book Awards Competition. 

Het boek is verkrijgbaar:

  1. via je boekhandel
  2. via de volgende links, gewoon clicken:



Voor de e-book versie : ga naar www.kobobooks.com, nederlands kiezen

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Posted by jsmolders - August 9th, 2019

Here goes Clarion, a reputed national reviewer:


“Birds Sing before Sunrise is high-minded thriller that builds upon political insights using excellently placed characters. Jan Smolders’s Birds Sing before Sunrise is a muscular political thriller set in the controversial milieu of the energy industry in rural South America.

Frank Anderson is an idealist. He believes in sustainable energy and believes that Earth can no longer rely on fossil fuels. That is why he is the director of the Renewable Energy Division at the PuentePetro Company of Southern California.

Frank is married to another idealist, Joanna, whose hero is John F. Kennedy. Joanna convinces her husband to take a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in southern Peru—an opportunity that could enrich PuentePetro’s renewable energy division.

Problems in Peru are immediate. Joanna, along with the couple’s two daughters, is kidnapped by terrorists. Frank undertakes a private investigation to rescue his family. The investigation reveals to already cynical Frank that the terrorists are part of a larger conspiracy involving corrupt politicians, profit-obsessed oilmen in the United States and Latin America, and PuentePetro itself.

This thriller is lean and gets to the point in its first two chapters. Few words are spared in describing the characters: Frank, Joanna, and PuentePetro boss Mauricio are defined more by their actions than by their appearances. Joanna and Frank’s relationship is captured as supportive, based on love as much as on a shared commitment to the environment.

Peru is pictured as a bipolar state wherein the urbane and well-to-do in Lima rule over the Quechua people of Moquegua and elsewhere with authoritarian zeal. This problem is handled with expertise.

Frank’s one-man quest for revenge and justice follows a predictable path and works toward an unsurprising ending, though both are related with panache and literary flourishes, including invocations of Ernest Hemingway and hard- boiled pathos.”

Available on Amazon and many other sites such as Kobobooks.com

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Why is your life TEN TIMES more threatened by guns in the US than in Europe and almost the entire world?

Posted by jsmolders - August 6th, 2019

Mental health situations?  The US has no monopoly on mental health problems…

Video games?  The US has no monopoly on video games….

Guns? The US has….many many more per capita than almost any other nation

Do we need a sketch for Moscow Mitch so he gets it?


We had an assault weapons ban from 1994 until 2004, when Bush let it expire…

Posted by jsmolders - August 5th, 2019

No sketch needed to explain


Posted by jsmolders - July 30th, 2019

Trump keeps saying China pays the USA tens of millions in tariffs. LIE!

Tariffs are paid by the importers, who pass the cost on to consumers.. WE PAY!

“Birds Sing before Sunrise”, an “enjoyable read…entertaining tale” says Kirkus, top reviewer

Posted by jsmolders - July 29th, 2019

Here goes Kirkus…

“In this environmental thriller, an American attempts to protect his family from shadowy forces in Peru.

American engineer and renewable energy specialist Frank Anderson is excited to work on a solar project high in the Andes, even if he has some suspicions regarding the motivations of the oil company that is funding it. If he is successful, it may serve as a blueprint for future solar installations in the region. Not long into the work, Frank is pulled from his car and violently beaten by a gang of masked men bearing machetes and hammers. His wife, Joanna Tavares, leaves their children home in California to stand by Frank’s hospital bedside. But shortly after her arrival, she receives a sloppy, threatening note mentioning their daughters, one almost identical to the message her husband received before his
attack: “MRS ANDERSON WELCOME TO HOTEL RESIDENCIAL YOU HAVE BEUATIFUL GIRLS.” Joanna is soon kidnapped outside of the hotel by another gang of men, leaving Frank in a precarious state. Who is targeting his family and why? As he works to rescue his wife— and she plots to escape— Frank must determine the parties involved not only in his beating and her kidnapping, but also the solar project that employs him. It’s a conspiracy that will lead him to powerful corporate entities in both Peru and the United States— for whom the lure of profit is easily worth the cost of human life. Smolders’ (Cloning Galinda, 2017, etc.) prose is controlled and fluid: “When Google arrived, it spoke a “cruel” language: horrifying accidents in the Andes mountains; hypoxia, altitude sickness of the worst kind; indecipherable languages; drugs; cocaine candy; terrorists; Sendero Luminoso, the Shining Path resurging; kidnapping; poisoning.”

The novel moves rather slowly at the beginning.. Even so, the time that Smolders takes to build his world is well spent, increasing the verisimilitude of what could have been a silly plot in lesser hands. The dramatic setting and some compelling characters— particularly Joanna and her environmentalist sister, Anita— help to make this a believable and enjoyable read.

An…entertaining tale about the struggle to displace dirty energy sources.”

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Trump hates solar: 30 % import duties on all solar panels….”Birds Sing before Sunrise” comes to the rescue!

Posted by jsmolders - July 9th, 2019

A major share of solar panels is imported into the USA, mainly from Asia. Solar is an extremely promising technology  that evolves at blinding speed.. Its cost is one third of what it was 7-8 years ago. It is an integral part of the portfolio of renewables that can save our planet, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. But Trump prefers the deep pockets of Big Oil  and Dirty Coal. His 30% duties are a blow to all of us and to the planet. And to common sense. This is bad stewardship of out planet!

“Birds Sing before Sunrise” sings the praises of solar. It’s a gripping thriller that lets you share the frustrations, fears and excitement of an American crew that implements a crucial solar project high up in the Peruvian Andes, risking their livelihood and their lives. The story may enlighten you about Big Oil’s shenanigans.

Read “Birds Sing before Sunrise” and root for out heroes and our planet! You might enjoy it, with a chuckle now and then, despite the harrowing events.

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A European reader raves about “Birds Sing before Sunrise”.

Posted by jsmolders - July 3rd, 2019

“I once heard somebody say, the fish swims as it is natural for a fish to do so.

So in parallel for Jan Smolders we say he writes because he is a writer in the true sense of the word.

Jan’s “Birds Sing before Sunrise” is a perfect mix of imagination, investigation, manipulation, in one word all the necessary ingredients to keep the reading of his books alive.

His imagination crossing well documented realities, facts, environments and all that artfully, here and there peppered with a light touch of irony which makes it all truthfully tasty as a good meal ought to be.

So do not hesitate, get the book and read it.

A good recreation is waiting you.


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