Corona blues? “Harvest of War” comes to the rescue.

Posted by jsmolders - May 4th, 2020

For me the Corona Rules evoke images that make me relive the German occupation  of Belgium during WWII. I experienced it all as a little boy in Belgium.  Hoarding and hunger too were, already then, some of the weaknesses  of society.

My novel “Harvest of War”, selected as a finalist in the Beverly Hills Book Wards Competition, paints images that look familiar today: repression of freedom, forced behavior, but also heroism, cowardice and deceit. Life under pressure, from Nazi occupation or from Corona, is the background against which the story of “Harvest of War” unfolds. But the gripping tale is uplifting, with heroism and generosity getting the upper hand. We can overcome!

Get yourself a copy from Amazon or another website, or through you bookstore or Kindle. It may show you that not all has to be bad in this world! Even in days such as those colored by Corona.

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