Do we let fracking destroy Florida’s precious Everglades? “Cloning Galinda”

Posted by jsmolders - October 19th, 2018

will tell you in a gripping story the harrowing consequences fracking van have. The scene is set in Northern Ohio. cover for Facebook.

It is 2012 when fracking comes to the fourteen thousand citizens of Noredge, Ohio.

While some landowners sign lucrative leasing agreements with the oil and gas company, Doornaert, others rebel.

Mary Jenkins is single mother who refuses to sign a leasing contract, despite the fact that her live-in boyfriend, Joe Bertolo, works for Doornaert as a tanker driver who transports untreatable water.

Just as Doornaert is taken over by Supren in a fierce battle with a competitor, Joe’s truck flips over and causes serious injuries and an enormous environmental spill in a nearby city. After Supren manager, Mike Doyle, heads the cleanup and subsequent drilling, methane gas is discovered in Noredge’s drinking water and paralyzes the town. How did this happen?

As Mary risks her personal and financial future and teams with a former Doornaert engineer to find answers, Doyle begins casting wild, confusing accusations that lead Mary and the engineer to make a shocking discovery that changes everything.

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