“It’s scary to go to work.” Dixit Kevin Hassett, top economic adviser to Trump. Oh?! Are poor meat workers scared too? Do they have a real choice?

Posted by jsmolders - May 11th, 2020

Covid-19: tragic loss of human life, horrifying economic destruction, endless, it seems. It didn’t have to be this bad. Desperate for a China trade deal, any trade deal, Trump was played like a fiddle by the Chinese. Three long months he pooh poohed Corona  as a hoax and silenced scientists lest he jeopardize his “great” deal, his ticket to reelection. Three months available  for preparation and decisive action were lost. We, and Trump, are paying dearly for it, no end in sight, his “game” continuing. Many thousands of lives were/are needlessly lost and the economy damaged beyond belief. It didn’t have to be this way. Trump is guilty of dereliction of duty.

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