Save the planet! For our grandchildren! Cloning Galinda is an urgent plea embedded in a gripping thriller.

Posted by jsmolders - February 13th, 2019

Cloning Galinda, selected as finalist in the Beverly Hills Book Awards Competition, is, according to  top reviewer Kirkus, an “intelligent novelization of a hot topic.”  The thriller takes you on a dramatic ride through the landscape of fracking and the tactics and  the maze of manoeuvres of oil giants preying on unsuspecting  citizens. In a little Ohio town a single mother and teacher  puts up a heroic fight for the well-being of her family against the encroachment of a major fracking company. She risks it all to save lives. Take the ride with her! One victory at  a time for those who care about the future of our planet.

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Jan Smolders, author of Viral Games, The Convenient Fund and The Bridge of Whispers carries Belgian and USA passports, has lived in Belgium, Japan and Singapore, and resides in Florida. Read More...